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Preparing for the entrance can be incredibly challenging. In most cases, the entrance exams for private schools are the first highly competitive and standardized tests that the students have ever encountered. And considering that taking tests is not one of the skills that’s provided in school, it is best that students find ways to get ready for the exams outside the classroom.

A+ Tutoring offers one-on-one, private tutoring sessions to help students prepare for their entrance exams, improve their test scores, and increase the likelihood of admission to the school of their choice.

Personalized Tutoring Plan

Entrance exam tutoring is a tried and tested way to significantly improve their scores. Many families find that tutoring plays a vital role in their school performances.

When you come to A+ Tutoring, we determine the requirements of the school that you want your child to join, and then assess how prepared the student is, before creating a personalized tutoring plan to bridge the gap.

Step 1: Plan a trial, preparedness test

One of the first things we do is to assess how prepared your child is and how he/she would go about the test if it happened today. We accomplish this by having the student take a complete practice test.

Step 2: Review the school requirements

Once we have the scores, we examine the requirements for admission at the private schools that you’re targeting. Highly competitive schools typically require very high scores, while less competitive schools can be slightly lenient.

Step 3: Develop a custom tutoring plan

If the assessment shows that your child needs to improve his or her scores considerably before the actual test, our tutors will develop a personalized tutoring plan targeting the key areas that will make a difference in the final score.

Our expert tutors will provide the guidance needed in not only passing the test, but also tackling all aspects of the admission process, including interview preparation and personal essays.

If you need a tutor to help your child prepare for an entrance exam, choose A+ Tutoring.

A+ Tutoring provides private 1-on-1 in home tutoring for the following school Entrance Exams.

  • ISEE (Upper, Middle, Lower)
  • HSPT
  • SSAT
  • Science Academy STEM Magnet (Formerly at Millikan MS, now at East Valley HS)
  • Millikan Middle School Math Academy
  • Walter Reed Middle School IHP Entrance Exam

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A+ Tutoring provides private in home tutoring for private school entrance exams preparation at an affordable price to Pasadena & Glendale.