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All students are different, and so are their learning patterns. At A+ Tutoring, we understand that, and always take into consideration the styles that your child learns best with when pairing them with a tutor and creating their personal lesson plan to address their unique needs.

Roman Slavinsky, A+ Tutoring Service

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A+ Tutoring focuses on convenience and results

Our highly skilled and experienced tutors are carefully matched with each student to ensure that the teacher can provide exactly what is needed, and that there is good rapport from the onset. We also have substitute teachers if the need arises, so your child always has access to the help he or she needs. But that is not our only advantage.

Our tutors are also ready to do the driving. Our learning programs can take place in your home or anywhere else your child feels most comfortable. Most students learn best when in a comfortable environment, like their home, and we capitalize on that. Your tutor will come to you at any time of your choosing, so you don’t have to go out of your way to drive your child to and from a learning center.

How Our Tutors Engage your Child

Step 1: We listen to each student’s needs and devise a tutoring plan that focuses on your child’s strengths to address those unique needs.

Step 2: Having being in operation for a long time, A+ Tutoring has access to vast student resources that our tutors and students can leverage to maximize the results of each personalized tutoring plan.

Step 3: Our tutors also teach students critical self-management and organization skills that will be invaluable throughout life.

Step 4: We involve the parents in observing, assessing, and monitoring the progress of children

One-on-one Lessons

Our preference for private lessons is based on the incredible success of one-on-one tutoring. With private lessons, our tutors can provide individual attention to address the unique needs of the child, and customize the entire program around the student’s weak areas to facilitate quick progress. And without peer pressure or feeling awkward when asking questions, students can ask for clarifications without any fear, promoting deep content understanding.

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